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Produced by Neil Osborne
All songs (c) Kandle Osborne


released July 24, 2011


all rights reserved



Kandle Montréal, Québec

Captivated by the immense power of music since she was young, Kandle Osborne devoted herself ruthlessly to playing and creating. Her music speaks to the loners and the forgotten, navigating the less-travelled corners of sound and feeling with bold, uncompromising vision. ... more


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Track Name: Know My Name
Didn't know it was done
Got the hint as I watched him run
You shoulda saved me some

Gotta head start now go
Catch him easy cause he's too slow
Say I told you so

Digging up in the yard
Pushed him down while hes caught off guard
This shouldn't be so hard

Now it's time to learn
Tie him up as I watched him squirm
I hada be so firm

Now beg, Oh please, he's gettin down on his knees
But you don't even know my name

Walkin down by your grave
Scream for your mother won't you behave
You knew I'd never cave

And I didn't know it was done
Got the hint as I watched him run
You shoulda saved me some

I thought I told you not to lie
I thought I told you not to cry
I thought I told you goodbye
Track Name: Knew You'd Never
Time won't go my way
It only goes by hours in a day
When I leave to run
There'll be no words behind for anyone
I can't stand for you to see what I've become

I knew you'd never
Keep chasing me forever

I know I'm never fair
I've seen you fall and all I did was stare
But Im hopeless I swear
I only break when I begin to care
Try to save something that isn't there

I knew you'd never
Keep chasing me forever
Track Name: Not Listening
Looks like you've been telling lies your whole life
Never thought I'd check my back for your knife
You've been telling the same old story
But you never say you're sorry
Never thought I would become your waste of time

Can't believe you had me fooled this whole time
I saw your twisted mind but I was blind
Your thoughts are way too gory
Ruthless to gain your glory
And I still had your back when you never had mine

No Im not listening anymore, Im not listening anymore
Track Name: All That I Need
Why in the day are you always out of reach
And when it's dark out, you come running to me
You told me not to want you cause you are no good for me
But why won't you hear me when you are all that I need

I feel your hunger but I am not one to feed
Your eyes begin to wander, no longer longing for me
Turning cold with anger you are not what you seem
But I can't hear you when you say I'm all that you need

I am not better off, staring at you as you leave
Time will pass and you'll be back
Regretting the side I have seen
Still I swear that I don't care
You'll never hear me scream
So why won't you hear me when you are all that I need
Track Name: Small
Dont believe A word I hear
Don't say that you care my dear
You never woulda left me here
I know now you're not all

Don't you try and keep me near
You havn't shed a single tear
You wonder why I live in fear
You made me feel so small

You think that you can disappear
You tell yourself you sound sincere
You whisper sweetly in my ear
You made me feel so small
I know now you're not all

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